Thoughtlessly saving energy at work

3 ways you (probably) save energy without knowing it!

I’m an early-riser; so when I get to the office, the lights are off, the coffee pot isn’t percolating and all the computers are hibernating. Since we’re still on daylight saving time, it’s pretty dark for my first hour of work. As I start the day, there are a few things I do first-thing that save energy without me really thinking about it. Here’s what I do:

  • Use task lighting. Our office lighting is automatically set up to switch on in the morning. When I get in, well before the timer goes off, I just use my task light above my desk to help me work instead of turning the lights on early. (Of course, I switch it back off when the lights pop on.)
  • Keep a sweater at work. Again, our office automatically kicks on the heat during fall and winter months. When it’s just a bit to cool for me, I slip on my office sweater or grab a cup of tea and wait for the automatic system to do its work.
  • Take the stairs. OK, I know this one sounds lame … but in addition to helping get my blood pumping in the morning, taking the stairs (and not the elevator) for two stories up, exercises my power instead of electric power.

All in all, these are simple things I do every day that save energy without a second thought.

So what are your favorite, easy solutions for saving or conserving energy?

Need more ideas?
Whether you’re at work or home, or if you’re a utility looking for what is already created, there are tons energy efficiency resources for you!

For utilities: Western’s Energy Services Program is a wealth of knowledge. The program has a long list of energy efficiency resources you can use and share with a breakdown by topics – like agriculture, buildings, commercial and industry, etc. Energy Services has also created a printable energy-saving tips bookmark that you can brand with your own logo! Check out the “Easy Ways to Save Energy” (pdf) bookmark.

For homeowners: Read the “Easy ways to Save Energy” (pdf) bookmark or see the “Residential efficiency” links from Energy Services. You can also get information from the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency section. In fact, DOE just shared some tricks and treats for improving energy efficiency in its “Taking on Scary Basements” Oct. 24, 2012 post, which is just the latest in its series of energy saving tips.

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