Utility partners with high schools for science education

Wheatland Rural Electric Association took advantage of Western’s Equipment Loan Program to help science classes at Wheatland, Chugwater and Glendo high schools in Platte County, Colo.

The program offers Western customers technical equipment through loan agreements. Educational displays are among the most requested items in the program. Utilities set them up at customer meetings, classrooms and community events to open up conversations with their ratepayers.

Wheatland REA Member Services Manager Al Teel was enthusiastic about the capability and usefulness of weather stations, which measure wind speed, solar index, ultraviolet levels, precipitation, soil temperature and moisture content.

For residents in a largely agricultural economy, that information is relevant to their daily lives, Teel observed. “It’s more than a science project—students will be collecting data that has real value to the three communities,” he said.

To learn what students measured and how the information will be used, read the full story.

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