Western sponsors future science and math leaders

What property of a sound wave is most commonly associated with loudness? How many significant figures are in the number 0.00750? What is the proper name of the star that is most commonly noted to have coordinates closest to the north celestial pole?

High school students across Western’s service area faced questions like these at Western Regional Science Bowl competitions February and March. Western hosted six preliminary, regional competitions for the Department of Energy’s National Science Bowl.  The winners include:

Winning teams from Western-sponsored regional competitions earned an all-expenses-paid trip to the national competition in Washington, DC, April 28 through May 2.

DOE launched its National Science Bowl competition in 1991 to encourage high school students to excel in science and math and to pursue careers in those fields. It now involves more than 4,500 students.

For more information about the national competition, visit DOE’s Science Bowl website.