Reliable, renewable energy from snow

Recreational boaters enjoying Lake Powell in a small canyon.Increased runoff means payoff for Upper Colorado River Basin and customers. With inflow increasing, reliable electricity generation becomes more of a reality. Water elevation at Lake Powell fluctuates in the course of the year, reaching its lowest point usually in March before runoff begins, and reaching its highest point in July when the spring runoff is done.
This year, Inflow (runoff) into Lake Powell peaked for the year at 54,000 cfs (as measured at the Cataract Canyon gauge) on June 11 and is now gradually declining. The elevation of Lake Powell is 3,633 feet currently and has increased about 14 feet (yeah) from its lowest point earlier this spring.  Releases from Lake Powell will be about 8.23 million acre-feet in 2010.

Energy asks, ‘How may I serve you?’

My first question as an electricity fan is: What is an energy service?

Here at Western, an energy service includes both the energy we market and deliver, as well as the information provided on Western’s website to our customers and the public.

For the latter, an energy service can accomplish many things, regardless of how small. A single bit of data can reach the entire world, but only if it is selected. So…any carbon-based unit with a keyboard and a question can get an answer by pushing a button. I invite you to answer questions you have about Western and hydropower using Western’s website as your personal online database.

While you’re here you can learn more about:

Energy–Western serves its energy customers by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates. Through the Renewable Resources for Federal Agencies program, Western has purchased renewable energy certificates to help meet renewable energy goals set by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This reduces emissions and fosters markets for emerging energy technologies.

Service–Western delivers energy information to the public with the Green Power News. GPN is a continually upgraded online archive full of energy events and news data bits–24/7.

If you are hungry for energy information, then access a byte of information–Western style.

My next question is: Have I missed anything? Let me know what you think.